Jeff Neff

Jeff Neff Pics.jpg


Jeffrey Michel Neff grew up in the Bronx and studied fine art at Pratt INstitute and the School of Fine Arts in New York City. He never graduated, as he found he could make a living right away as an Art Director on Madison Avenue.


He quickly became disillusioned with that life path and moved to Tucson, Arizona, in 1977, where he would spend the rest of his days. (He served as the Art Director of the University of Arizona Alumni Magazine and was awarded an honorary degree by the University.)


In 1979, he married his adored wife, Barbara. When she died in 2016, Jeff began a daily practice of drawing and painting his “Sky Dancers” and the changing colors of Tucson. He kept creating until just days before his own death, when he could finally be with his true love again.


Though Jeff was more than infused with the precision of graphic art, he loved the looseness and freedom of the lines in his final works of love.