Estrella Chavez, now almost fifteen, vows vengeance for the brutal assassination of her father, Victor, the indigenous leader of an eco-labor revolution. Estrella was just a baby. 

These twelve years later, the Revolution forgotten, Linda, Estrella’s aristocratic, fallen mother, and Kit Hamilton, Linda’s best friend and the richest woman in the world, force Estrella to go to boarding school with the very families that killed her father. Estrella doesn’t know that part. 

Estrella doesn’t know a lot.

She doesn’t know about the Spirit War, the Angelai, the Demonai, the Remundus, the Proletum, the will of the Water, the Crystal Caves, the Alkaline Code, or the wolves.  Not yet.

She knows she loves Kung Fu and her new roommates; Amaka, a Jewish African Princess, and Margeaux, the daughter of an aging rock star and a duchess. She knows that Mark Hamilton, Kit’s nephew, is super-cute, but no one seems to want her to be with him. And she does love the class called Mystery School, taught by her hero, the Nobel-prize winner, Dr. Saul Mather. 

One thing she knows for damn sure is that she doesn’t want to participate in her stupid Quinceanera, but, once again, Kit and her mom are forcing her. And even she knows by now that she has to keep her anger in check.

Through murder, romance, dreams, fierce friendships, wild adventures, prophecy, and blackmail, Estrella will have to learn how to harness her true power and lead her international tribe of Angelai to fight the Proletum and the Demonai who control them. 

It is the will of the Cosmic. She must. They want to enslave the water - life itself. And they’re winning.

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